28 febrero 2010

Population: Unknown 003

1 The Breath Of Spring Kaito
2 Doubt Delphic
3 Papillon Editors
4 Love Cry Four Tet
5 It's Raining Clouds Blockhead
6 The Undesirables Lawrence Arabia
7 Walk You Down Basia Bulat
8 Just Do It The Bats
9 I Have No Fun Vivian Girls
10 Kings Scout Niblett
11 Hard To Be David Bazan
12 Wide-Eyed, Legless Laura Veirs
13 I Don't Know What To Say The Magnetic Fields
14 Murder, They Want Murder Clare And The Reasons
15 Shadowman Barton Carroll

21 febrero 2010

Population Unknown 002

1 Go On Basia Bulat
2 The Poor Boy Can't Dance Barton Carroll
3 I Can See Your Tracks Laura Veirs
4 Ode to the Marlboro Man Felix
5 Young Girl Dawn Landes
6 When We Fell David Bazan
7 Shape Shifter Systems Officer
8 Southbound Lake Heartbeat
9 Shy A Sunny Day in Glasgow
10 Chant The Durutti Column
11 Lapse Bill Callahan
12 Just Do It Scout Niblett
13 Fag Break Luke Haines
14 Are You Sure Be My weapon
15 You Must Be Out Of Your Mind The Magnetic Fields

14 febrero 2010

Population Unknown 001

Xa ben sei, o que o mundo precisaba era outra mixtape de cancións. Mais esta non quere ser outra desas do montón, feitas aleatoriamente co caldo remexido do hype do momento, unha desas random playlist das que tanto gosta a xeración ipod. Non, esta serie está feita en modo old style, como se facían no século pasado, escoitando os temas antes de aprobalos e buscando unha secuenciación agradable para obter o verdadeiro aprobado dunha mixtape: que apeteza voltar escoitala. Así pois, coma un programa de radio imaxinario, Population: Unknown.

1 Pacer Systems Officer
2 Golden Chain Lake Heartbeat
3 Desde Una Estrella Enana Antonio Arias
4 Bricks And Mortar Editors
5 A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State; Or, Letters From Me To Charlotte Los Campesinos!
6 Walking Alone At Night Vivian Girls
7 It Is Nothing A Place to Bury Strangers
8 Peter Hammill Luke Haines
9 Buddy Bradley Adam Green
10 Cousins Vampire Weekend
11 Failure A Sunny Day in Glasgow
12 Seeplymouth Volcano Choir
13 Death to Everyone But Us Felix
14 Brother The Durutti Column
15 Is There Nothing We Could Do? Badly Drawn Boy

11 febrero 2010

Radio Waves 92-99, 084

1 The Desperate Things You Made Me Do The Magnetic Fields 3:47
2 Candy Girl Babybird 3:47
3 Accept All Contrasts Smith & Mighty 3:36
4 Fragments Of a Lost Language Jacob's Optical Stairway 5:24
5 Pearls Girl Underworld 9:37
6 Plug Myself In D.O.S.E. featuring Mark E Smith 3:55
7 Trophy Karate 3:12
8 My Enemy The Afghan Whigs 3:11
9 Valency The Spinanes 3:26
10 The Noise Of Carpet Stereolab 2:59
11 The Official Ironmen Rally Song Guided By Voices 2:43
12 Gilded Stars Velocity Girl 3:22
13 Returns Every Morning Lilys 3:24
14 And Your Bird Can Sing (Version) The Beatles 2:14
15 Wild Sea Mark Eitzel 4:37

(Radio Waves 084, 3/96)