25 abril 2010

Population: Unknown 011

1 The disappearance Of My youth The Mary Onettes
2 Johnny Anorak The Secret History
3 Deer Trail Place The Deadly Syndrome
4 Bigger Bolder Love Is All
5 Tryst with Mephistopheles Owen Pallett
6 Overhead The Air Waves Jatun
7 I Would Like / I Want Deru
8 Dub For Cascadia Loscil
9 Up the Mountain Bomb The Bass
10 By Your Side My Robot Friend
11 Sea Change Turin Brakes
12 The Apart Meant Josiah Wolf
13 Cold Summer Seabear
14 My love Comes Stepping Up the Stairs Old Man Luedecke
15 Wal-Mart Parking Lot Clem Snide

18 abril 2010

Population: Unknown 010

1 Atomic Bomb Living Jonas Reinhardt
2 The Other Side of Your Face Twin Sister
3 It Was Dark And I Welcome The Calm The Delta Mirror
4 Into The Light jj
5 I Can't Swim Miles Kurosky
6 Happy For You Polar Bear
7 Xmas Lights Radar Brothers
8 Troublesome Houses Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Cairo Gang
9 Bowsprit Balmorhea
10 Highway Rider Brad Mehldau
11 Rotwelsch Kammerflimmer Kollektief
12 Seven Blankets A Weather
13 I'll Build You A Fire Seabear
14 Blackout Aloha
15 Cattletears LoneLady

11 abril 2010

Population: Unknown 009

1 Hold On Angus & Julia Stone
2 Fond A Weather
3 Icarus White Hinterland
4 Safe Tomorrow Lali Puna
5 No Barrier Fun Liars
6 Building A Fire Aloha
7 It Only Takes One Night Dum Dum Girls
8 Chapters Sonny & The Sunsets
9 Brides Song Yukon Blonde
10 No Wonder I'm Still Awake Look Mexico
11 Peepers Polar Bear
12 SuzieQ Gonjasufi
13 Contact Wooden Shjips
14 And This Is What We Call Progress The Besnard Lakes
15 Descension Carta

04 abril 2010

Population: Unknown 008

1 Albatross The Besnard Lakes
2 I Just Want To See Your Face Serena Maneesh
3 Listen To Me Baby Micah P. Hinson
4 Blood Cops Yukon Blonde
5 Cold War (Nice Clean Fight) Morning Benders
6 Mongrel Heart Broken Bells
7 Everything Is Always Lali Puna
8 Night Zola Jesus
9 Your Majesty Man Starless & Bible Black
10 Hourglass Carta
11 A Good Walk Spoiled Savoy Grand
12 Third of Life A Weather
13 Core Of Nature Midlake
14 Nothing But Clues The Elephants
15 Brave One The Watson Twins